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Consulting that removes your fears and frustrations.

Who We Are

Your key to business success

Making the decision to turn an innovative idea into an actual enterprise is one big step — now, what’s next? Meet hs Group, the consultants who can empower your business and help you rise above fears and frustrations. hs Group was founded in 2018 to respond to the UAE market’s need for a fresh business consultancy approach — one that is agile enough to keep up with rapid developments and turn trends into opportunities for SMEs across the country. Crunching the numbers is our expertise. Using artificial intelligence and smart systems to manage financial data is second nature to us. We help you make sound financial decisions and guide you through analyses, taxation, pricing, accounting, and valuations. We evaluate data and provide constructive feedback on market intelligence to support forecasting strategies. Through our educational approach, we have one clear goal: To help you develop the financial acumen to weather challenges, beat your competitors, and thrive in the UAE’s vibrant economy.

How can we help

Whether you’re starting up or scaling up, our goal is to provide you with insights and boost your confidence so you can overcome roadblocks and frustrations in business. Here’s how we can help at every stage of the journey.

Benefit from our expertise in doing feasibility studies and setting up businesses to build on your company’s strengths before entering the market.

Stop worrying about the financial records and transactions that pile up daily. We take charge of all these duties so you can focus on growing your business.

When challenges emerge, hs Group steps in with a systematic approach. We carefully analyze the issue, get to the bottom of the problem, and find a solution.

Consult us on the risks and opportunities that come with expansion. With in-depth analysis, we provide key insights on pricing and how to manage your funds.

Why choose us

We know the drill — better than most.

We offer a complete transformational approach. We look at feasibility, calculate risks, and help you understand the country’s business landscape, with all the taxation, auditing and accounting involved.

We don’t just do the math, we make it easy.

Numbers can be daunting, especially because they are your business’ lifeline. Taxes and prices can be confusing. Trust that our experts will guide you at every step towards the best position in the market

We help you understand your market.

We analyze all data to give you a complete understanding of your current situation and the market you’re in. With our foresight and expertise, our aim is to give you the leverage to win the competition.

We don’t just give solutions, we offer guidance.

Whenever we come up with a business solution, we make sure that it is credible, sustainable and easy to understand. With our educational approach, we share our expertise, so you can have the best strategy.

The Emirates

Why the Emirates is the best place for SMEs

Establishing a small or medium enterprise could be one of the best decisions, especially for those in the UAE, where there are countless opportunities and where making the impossible possible is part of the culture. Besides creating an excellent business environment for investors, the country goes all out in supporting the growth and funding of SMEs. Here’s the proof in numbers:


Of companies in the UAE are represented by the SME sector


Of the private sector’s workforce comes from jobs created by SMEs


Of companies are SMEs in Dubai


SMEs’ contribution to the GDP of Dubai

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Director of Strategy & Advisor

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